Interviews with extraordinary CEOs – Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of “Interviews with extraordinary CEOs”: a series of interviews with leaders who are accomplishing something special – with insights that are relevant to all of us. The philosophy behind this series is that meaningful interactions with peer CEOs are an invaluable way to take your business to the next level. [...]

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Future-proof your culture

The need for culture change is not an admission that your culture is broken or that the way your business has been operating has been wrong. It is simply an acknowledgement that success in the future will require different ways of working. Certain elements of today's culture must change if you wish to be successful [...]

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Strategy on a Page

I am very excited to share with you a priceless new strategy tool – something I have been searching for decades. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonard Da Vinci. Too often, strategy is over-complicated. And I completely understand why - there are so many aspects and details that a good strategy needs to take in to [...]

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Lessons in Leadership from Brexit

15 March 2019. The UK’s Brexit debacle may be excruciating to watch but it is providing us with some invaluable lessons in leadership. So many lessons, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to begin. So I suggest we start with reminding ourselves of what a good leader actually looks like … A [...]

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A brilliantly simple strategic planning tool

29 Oct 2018. I gave a particular energising keynote to a remarkable group of senior FS professionals at the FS Forum’s European Executive Summit at St Paul de Vence near Nice a couple of weeks ago. (The ‘Leading Change’ keynote went down a storm I must admit – reviews here.) It was a brilliant event and [...]

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Lessons from Oz: Where listed companies can get it wrong

23 April 2018. I have just returned from a fabulous few weeks in Australia and would like to share some observations with you – as there are some great lessons for CEOs and Boards of every nation, namely: The law of unintended consequences The dangers of short-termism Don’t forget to innovate Put the needs of [...]

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The Change Catalyst: 2018 Business Book of the Year!

On Friday 16th March, The Change Catalyst was awarded 'The Business Book of the Year' at the Business Book Awards gala in London. It also won the 'Leading the Team' category. In announcing the overall winner of the evening, Alison Jones, Head Judge, commented: "The Change Catalyst is a book that frankly absolutely anyone in [...]

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Responsible Capitalism: an oxymoron or a new dawn?

Why are Facebook and Starbucks becoming ‘Responsible Capitalists’? Because it is good for business. This is a summary of a 5000-word essay “Responsible Capitalism: Why change is necessary and what we can do about it.” Download the full essay here. Capitalism is at a cross-roads.  If we don’t change the way we operate, we may [...]

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Is your culture ready for change?

It is impossible to transform an organisation without a culture that is ready for change. To thrive in today’s fast-changing world, leaders need to be able to take their organisations in new directions swiftly and decisively - as a reaction to new entrants, changing market conditions, disruptive technologies or new opportunities. To do this, their [...]

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Brexit 2019: how on earth did we end up here?!

Change may indeed be inevitable, but change that is brought about without a comprehensive understanding of the implications is rarely a recipe for success. 4 July 2017. The UK electorate spoke last month for the third consecutive year and we now have a parliament that truly reflects the disparate nature of the national mood. This [...]

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