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Campbell Macpherson: international business advisor, change expert, keynote speaker and author of 'The Change Catalyst: secrets to successful and sustainable change' (Wiley 2017) - the 2018 Business Book of the Year.

Leading in a crisis feat. City AM and the Police!

Leadership in a time of crisis Welcome to the July newsletter. What a quarter we have just endured! How the next quarter will pan out is anyone's guess. But as we tip-toe out of lockdown, one thing is certain - the next quarter and in fact the years ahead will be filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and [...]

Leading in a crisis feat. City AM and the Police!2020-07-06T14:17:21+00:00

Embracing Change: The Online Series

Equip your people with the tools they need to embrace change. Right now. Online. Your people are living in times of unprecedented uncertainty and heightened anxiety. We all are. They are being asked to cope with an extraordinary amount of change due to this coronavirus pandemic. They need help. Let’s give it to them. Online. [...]

Embracing Change: The Online Series2020-07-06T14:16:34+00:00

Interviews with extraordinary CEOs – Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of “Interviews with extraordinary CEOs”: a series of interviews with leaders who are accomplishing something special – with insights that are relevant to all of us. The philosophy behind this series is that meaningful interactions with peer CEOs are an invaluable way to take your business to the next level. [...]

Interviews with extraordinary CEOs – Edition 12020-03-03T20:30:12+00:00

Leading in a post-Brexit VUCA world

After three years of political sclerosis and six straight months of continuous and unedifying electioneering, one significant piece of clarity finally emerged from last week’s UK General Election – Britain is definitely leaving the European Union. Technically, in less than seven weeks’ time. The markets have greeted this news with rare, dual-pronged optimism – with [...]

Leading in a post-Brexit VUCA world2019-12-16T11:05:13+00:00

A must for every HRD and CEO – OrgVue people planning software bowled me over!

You know when you see something so utterly brilliant, your immediate thought is, “How come this hasn’t been done before?!” A couple of weeks ago, I was engaged by a switched-on PR firm with the wonderful name of ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’ to deliver a keynote at a customer breakfast round-table session. The host company was [...]

A must for every HRD and CEO – OrgVue people planning software bowled me over!2019-12-10T15:00:48+00:00

Future-proof your culture

The need for culture change is not an admission that your culture is broken or that the way your business has been operating has been wrong. It is simply an acknowledgement that success in the future will require different ways of working. Certain elements of today's culture must change if you wish to be successful [...]

Future-proof your culture2019-11-01T16:21:39+00:00

Strategy on a Page

I am very excited to share with you a priceless new strategy tool – something I have been searching for decades. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonard Da Vinci. Too often, strategy is over-complicated. And I completely understand why - there are so many aspects and details that a good strategy needs to take in to [...]

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21st Century Leadership: a team game not a solo pursuit

Three key themes emerge from the delegates on my Leading Change workshops (both at Henley Business School and with clients directly) when we discuss leadership: Leadership is leading change. Anything else is simply managing the status quo. What great leaders do and how they make you feel. Leadership is a team game not a solo [...]

21st Century Leadership: a team game not a solo pursuit2019-06-10T09:16:22+00:00

The Power of Purpose

April 2019. A clear and genuine Purpose is critical for your organisation's future success. A company without one will struggle to achieve its potential. It will also struggle to attract and retain talent and clients alike. As I outline in ‘The Change Catalyst’, a good strategy is comprised of four components: Analysis Strategic Direction Go-to-market [...]

The Power of Purpose2019-06-10T08:46:46+00:00

Lessons in Leadership from Brexit

15 March 2019. The UK’s Brexit debacle may be excruciating to watch but it is providing us with some invaluable lessons in leadership. So many lessons, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to begin. So I suggest we start with reminding ourselves of what a good leader actually looks like … A [...]

Lessons in Leadership from Brexit2024-02-29T11:43:32+00:00

Beat the odds: How to be one of the few M&As that succeed

7 Feb 2019. Most mergers and acquisitions fail. Consultancies and financiers will disagree over the percentages, but they are unified in their agreement that the vast majority of M&A deals fail to deliver the outcomes they set out to achieve – let alone the expected Return on Investment. Download the pdf version here. Many corporate [...]

Beat the odds: How to be one of the few M&As that succeed2019-06-10T17:42:46+00:00
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